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For people who wish to improve their health we offer different treatment and relaxing packages from one day up to two weeks. There is a good quality treatment base and trained specialists in Spa hotel Viiking thus enabling us to treat bone and joint diseases, radiculitis, hypertension, various chronic inflammations and stress. Our qualified doctors help with choosing the most suitable set of procedures according to the person’s individual needs and requests. Spa hotel Viiking also offers rehabilitation after heart attack and coronary surgery.

Come stay with us to draw new energy, to forget the problems and tensions in order to improve your well-being or just simply to relax!

All rehabilitation treatment packages include a medical worker’s appointment.

Additional information and reservations
Phone: +372 449 0505
+372 5308 8148

Summer special offers in beauty salon Stella

Beauty packages”Pearl of Stella”, “Touch of the Sun” & 3h water center ticket

Summer caress

The package includes 2 luxurious procedures and the visit to water center (accommodation is not included).

price 21 EUR / person

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Accommodation package (1 night)

Spring accommodation package includes accommodation for 2, breakfast and usage of water and sauna center.

price from 65€/ night

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Rehabilitation treatment package (starting from stays of 5 night)

We offer treatment package that helps you to alleviate pain in joints, relieve radiculitis, hypertension, and various chronic inflammations.

price from 47 EUR /night

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Heart diseases rehabilitation package (from 5 nights)

Living in the hectic world of today, it is extremely important to prevent heart diseases which are one of the most common causes of death. Undergoing the heart studies provided by us you will find out how big is your risk of getting a heart attack.

price from 50 EUR /night

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7-day package of medical tests/examinations

The package includes a medical consultation, 6 treatments, health examinations, ECG, cholesterol and blood sugar analysis.

price from 53 EUR /night

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Morning swimming

1-day relaxing treatment package (1 night)

Package for 1 night includes 2 treatments, breakfast and dinner

price from 57 EUR /night

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Feeling good (1 night)

The accommodation package for 1 night includes 2 treatments, breakfast and dinner and entrance to a nightclub.

price from 62 EUR /night

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Children package (1 night)

For 6–15-year-old children accompanying their parents.

price from 28 EUR / 1 night

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“Expecting You” (2 nights)

Ideal for family who is waiting for a baby!

price from 138 EUR / 2 nights

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Spa Extra (2 nights)

The accommodation package for 2 nights includes 3 treatments, breakfast and dinner.

price from 134 EUR / 2 nights

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Viiking Extra (2 nights)

The accommodation package for 2 nights includes 4 treatments, breakfast and dinner.

price from 152 EUR / 2 nights

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3-day relaxing treatment package (3 nights)

The accommodation package for 3 nights includes 4 treatments, breakfast and dinner.

price from 176 EUR / 3 nights

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Health passport package for managers

Our latest “Health Passport” is the “Health Passport for Managers,” drawn up individually after endurance testing and other tests have been performed
(accommodation is not included)

price 40 EUR

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Health passport package

The examinations included in the „Health Passport” package give an overview of the person’s physical health.
(accommodation is not included)

price 29 EUR

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Out-patient therapy package (starting from 3-days)

Offer is valid in case of availability and from 3 days Mon – Fri only!
(accommodation is not included)

price 16 EUR / day
price 20 EUR / day

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Romantic treatment for two “Our Moments”

The package includes a massage and a relaxing bath treatment for two.
(accommodation is not included)

price 69 EUR / for two

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Luxurious day spa

The package includes 3 luxurious procedures. (accommodation is not included)

price 32 EUR / day

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Cool Viking

The package includes 3 treatments. (accommodation is not included)

price 23 EUR / day

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